International eyewear tradeshow with focus on the independent eyewear brands.

Barcelona Specs is an independent eyewear tradeshow, that started in Copenhagen in 2014 with the tradeshow, Copenhagen specs. The ambition is to create an environment and a place where opticians can go to be inspired and updated on the international eyewear industry.

The ambition of Barcelona Specs is to deliver a vibrant eyewear show giving the opticians an opportunity to meet trendsetting eyewear manufacturers that have a visionary and artistic approach to eyewear design. By meeting the eyewear designers in person, opticians have a unique opportunity to learn the story behind every brand and get an insight into the visionary and artistic approach to eyewear design.

Get inspiration from innovative and independent eyewear brands in a cozy atmosphere!


Many independent eyewear brands will be present at Barcelona Specs and will showcase their products to the visitors.

All exhibitors are independent companies who are selling their products to independent optical shops. 

Barcelona Specs will stay true to the booth concept created in Copenhagen with small booths, focus on the product in a cosy and very unique atmosphere. 

"We are very pleased our venue is located in the city center of Barcelona at Fira Barcelona Montjuïc!"

Founder & CEO Morten Gammelmark

Regarded as one of the most emblematic urban fairgrounds in the world, it was built in 1929 on the occasion of the International Exhibition. Its seven halls combine the continuance of the trade fair tradition and an infrastructure suited to all kinds of events.

It stands in a superb location in the city centre, easily accessible from the airport and well-connected to the public transport network. It is situated in Montjuïc Park, an area of cultural and historical interest thanks to its museums and theatres and it also features some of the main tourist attractions in Barcelona.