We would love to showcase your brand at our tradeshow! But remember, the space for exhibitors is limited.

Send a mail to CEO, Morten Gammelmark at with all details about the brand and he will get back to you. Please note that Barcelona Specs will decide whether the potential exhibitor will fit in to the concept of the show.


Exhibitor badge:

You need an exhibitor badge to enter Barcelona Specs as an exhibitor.

Register to get exhibitor badge.

Remember to have the exhibitor pass at your smart phone or tablet and show it to the staff, when asked for it. Exhibitor badges are only  available for registered exhibitors.

Opening hours:

Saturday September 3, 2022
11.00 — 20.00

Sunday September 4, 2022
11.00 — 18.00


Italian Pavilion
Fira Barcelona Montjuïc

Av. Reina Maria Cristina, s/n
08004 Barcelona

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Booth setup:

Friday September 2, 2022

12.00 — 20.00

Please respect these time frames. The door will be locked Friday at 20.00.

Booth break up:

Sunday September 4, 2022

18.00 — 23.45

You cannot leave anything from your booth other than posters and brochures behind without having made an agreement with copenhagen specs. So if you need to leave furniture and that kind of things, please contact me.

You are not allowed to break down you booth before Sunday May 8, 2022 at 18.00.

Violation of this will be sanctioned with a fine.


Booth information:

Every booth comes with the same set up for every exhibitor.

All booths includes with some spots, back wall in OSB wooden boards, partition walls to your neighbor booth, and power supply. You can rent chairs, tables, desks and display solutions from our supplier. 

Sending your material:

If you want to have your material send, you can send to arrive at Thursday the 1st of September 2022.

You cannot send it before this date.

Please note, that you need to write Barcelona Specs, your company name and booth number on the packages.

Terms and conditions:

Please find our Terms and Conditions below.

You can find all information regarding cancellation clauses, covid 19 clauses, Force Majure, payment etc.

Terms and Conditions ->


— Morten Gammelmark, Founder & CEO